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GE Power Systems

Conmec is a division of GE Power Systems.  GE/Conmec offers repair, rerates, upgrade and engineering analysis services to turbo machinery users - mostly in the oil and gas industries.

TekResults implemented a custom application to carry out data acquisition, data reduction and display on the Conmec single stage test rig for testing compressor designs.


TekResults carried out design, configuration and created all the software.  The software was mostly written in Visual Basic and features a main application and a Active X automation component. 


The system utilizes National Instruments digital and analog data acquisition hardware attached using custom hardware to a Scanivalve pressure and temperature sensor multiplexer.  The project consisted of almost 25,000 lines of code.


This project involved:

  • Pre-purchase sizing and configuration assistance

  • Custom hardware design

  • Inventory of functionality of existing Quick Basic application

  • Visual Basic application development

  • Creation of custom controls and ActiveX automation components

  • Integration of legacy Fortran code

  • COM/ATL control of Microsoft Office applications

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