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Special Needs Assessment Program for Progress Monitoring (SNAP-PM) is a set of computer applications used to record, monitor and assess the progress of Special Needs Kids towards goals that are outlined in their Individual Education Program.


This software will be used for creating the assessment portion of the objectives of Individual Education Programs (IEP) for a class of students and then entering assessment data and monitoring each student’s progress towards the goals that are detailed in the IEP.


There are two applications: SNAP-PM (Special Needs Assessment Program) for the desktop and PocketSNAP-PM for the PDA/handheld. These applications will provide a teacher with a methodology to define the IEP objectives for each individual student and then, for each individual educational objective, enter assessment data and track this assessment data as it relates to the specific metrics that have been set for the student.

The SNAP-PM is based on the HOAM™ (Hierachical Objective Assessment Model) that was developed by TekResults in early 2004 and is the second application to utilize this flexible approach to creating assessment software.


Please contact TekResults Ltd. for a paper outlining HOAM and it's applicability to all types of assessment activities.

SNAP-PM is...

  • Easy to use interface

  • Create your own probes or use probes provided by others

  • Probes can be academic, behavioral or life skills.

  • Provides probe scoring, probe element scoring, time to first response, totalelapsed time and probe elements per minute.

  • Aim line can be set for probe score, time to first response, elapsed time and probe elements per minute.

  • Integration with Microsoft Excel – creates tabular data and automatically generates  charts

  • Runs on any platform that supports the Microsoft .NET Framework™

  • Based on XML for easy interoperability and extensibility

  • Works with multiple PDAs assigned to a classroom

  • Works with multiple classrooms

  • Can simultaneously administer 3 assessments

  • Teachers can associate notes with probes to help in analyzing results

  • Automatically connects to the PDA

  • Remembers attributes of the user interface

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