TekResults Ltd. is a qualified Commonwealth of Pennsylvania ITQ Services Vendor  for software development, commercial off the shelf software and for LAN/WAN integration services.  We are also an approved vendor for the Commonwealth's EBIZITPA initiative.

Stanley Steemer

Stanley Steemer has franchises in Zion PA and York PA.  These two franchises were upgraded to a more robust and secure platform in 2007.  The installation involved upgrading a Novell platform running a legacy version of Sybase to a Windows Server 2003 R2 domain running the latest version of Sybase.  A new version of the vertical software application that is used to manage franchises was also installed.  The two locations were connected using a much more secure Cisco VPN tunnel.

This project involved:

  • Pre-purchase sizing and configuration assistance

  • Windows 2003 server

  • Windows domain setup and roving profile implementation

  • Windows XP workstation

  • Upgraded of legacy DOS applications

  • Cisco Pix Firewall configuration

  • Cisco VPN tunnel configuration

  • Ongoing support and maintenance